Patriot’s Business Cards, 24 Mini-Cards, 8 Designs in a Tin Can


Enjoy our patriotic business cards and spread the love around like confetti. Distribute them with your info or without, attach them to a gift you give to friends and family, and have them organized in a beautiful tin can.

The container comes with 24 mini-cards in the size 0f 3.5″x2″. They are made of 14 pt. extra thick high-quality paper, with 8 different designs. Write your name or blessings on the back or front of the card and take the box with you where you are about to meet like-minded people.

The container is made of durable tinplate material and is silver metal with a hinged lid. Its dimensions are 4.5”x3.3”x0.87”. It has a beautiful design on the lid and a dry flower petal in the interior. 

When done with the cards, order some more cards from AjarBooks, or use the can to store small items such as candies, jewelry, office supplies, beads, buttons, and so much more.

The design is original and was created by the team of Ajar Books. They are good at many things, and creating awesome products is one of them!

Made in the USA.