TIN CANS – Nostalgic, Black, Set of Three Mini Boxes Americana


Get organized with our beautiful tin cans. They carry a nostalgic old-times Americana feel, and come as a set of three, with an AjarBooks original design on the lids.

Sized 3.74”x2.5” these containers are rectangular, black, and smooth, with press-top lids and steady and sturdy metal walls. They are made of good quality tin plated steel and will last for a long time. The design on the lid comes with lines, where you can write about the can’s content.

Use them to store various tiny things, such as lipsticks, mini candles, beads, candies, buttons, office supplies, herbs, nail art, seeds, earrings, magnets, fishing supplies, and so much more.

There are so many uses for these little fun containers. Instead of piling your tiny items in a drawer or using plain containers, surround yourself with positivity and fun memories of the American culture.

The design is original and was created by the team of Ajar Books. They are good at many things, and creating awesome artwork is one of them!

Made in the USA.