Customer Accounts

The customer is solely responsible for the use of their account and all passwords and information attached to the account. The customer agrees that all information supplied on the account that represents your relationship with Ajar Books is true and correct. If Ajar Books feels that inaccurate or false information has been supplied or your account has been violated, your account may be terminated by the system.

Product Description

Ajar Books strives to maintain a clear level of communication on the site and utilizes imagery to display our books and all other products. We at Ajar Books write our own descriptions. Please notice for instance that the covers of all the books are in color but the pages inside are in B&W and a wide array of (beautiful) shades of gray. If you are having difficulty with a certain product not being as described, please contact us.


We accept all major credit cards. Our prices are shown in $US and your purchase will be charged in $US.


Sales Tax is included in the price of the paper goods.