POSTER – Prayer for Our Animal Friends/ Pets, 17″x12″, #100 Glossy Cover


Express your love towards all the animals in the world by praying for their well-being and include your pet in your inspirational words.

Description: This is a colored poster with an original design. This prayer blesses our animal friends and compares our loving care to the way God cares for us. Recite these words and place the name of your pet in the prayer to make this poster personal.

About the paper: Printed digitally on archival paper, #100 glossy cover, it will last for many years. It has a satin soft look, that is not too glossy, and not matte. Hang it as is or frame it.

Size: It is sized 17”x12”, with no white border.

Designed by the team of Ajar Books. They are good at many things, and creating awesome artwork is one of them. 

Made in the USA.