POSTER – The Arts of the Enemy, 3rd in our J.R.R. Tolkien Series, 17″x12″


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Description: This is a colored poster with an original design. It portrays a man wearing a longline coat standing at the shore with his female friend/wife. She is holding an umbrella and they are both watching a beautiful sunset, flying seagulls, and a sailing ship. The scene seems fantastic and romantic yet all this time behind the couple a snake is raising its head high and an eagle is ready to snap a fish. The long snake (or its reminiscent) slithers towards the couple and even touches the lady’s feet, but the two seem calm and protected as the light surrounds both the hill they are climbing up and the chess board they have left behind.

Text: The words of J.R.R. Tolkien read, “It is perilous to study too deeply the arts of the enemy, for good or for ill. But such falls and betrayals, alas, have happened before.”

Size: It is sized 17”x12”, with no white border.

About the paper: The poster is printed digitally, on archival paper, #100 glossy cover, and is sure to last for many years. It has a satin look, which is neither glossy nor matte but is very pleasing. You can hang it as is or frame it.

Signature: This poster comes with the mark of AjarBooks on the front (as we normally do), and with a wet signature of the artist on the back.

Made in the USA.