ZEN ART GREETING CARDS – Meditation, Minimalist, Postcards, 6″x4.1″


Send these Zen Art Greeting Cards to spread positive vibes among friends and family on any occasion.

This pact has 10 cards of Zen Art with illustrations on the theme of yoga and meditation. Great for birthdays, thank-you notes, and blessings.

Original illustrations by the artist Shoshana Brand reflect a spiritual, positive, and encouraging message.

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These greeting cards/ postcards are printed on thick cardboard paper, using high-quality laser printing (as opposed to inkjet printing), which is great for personal cards that we want to keep for many years.

Glossy paper, 6”x4.1, B&W with shades of grey.

There are 5 cards of a female in a yoga pose with some sand in the background and 5 cards of a girl sitting and meditating. No envelopes are enclosed.

One side of the card is illustrated and the other side is blank and ready for you to express your blessings, thoughts, and notes. The greeting cards come inde a transparent protective bag.

Enjoy the positive vibes and spread them further!