PRINT – The Smallest Minority on Earth, Ayn Rand’s Saying, Signed by the Photographer


This is the 1st print in our series of Ayn Rand’s sayings.

Description: Photographed in Galveston, TX by the artist Shoshana Brand, it portrays a saying by Ayn Rand: “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

This print is a great gift for you and your friends and family, and it is highly recommended for youth whom you wish to introduce to Ayn Rand’s books and sayings. Depicted a kid who walks on the beach and titled The Smallest Minority on Earth this work should bring to mind not only the individual per se but the kids in our society, who need our protection.

Size: It is sized 16”x12”, including the white border.

About the paper: It is printed digitally on 120 lb. smooth, 16 pt. white, uncoated paper, with short grain.  The paper is alkaline and acid-free manufacturing for permanence. This is a highly clean-looking print. We experimented with several kinds of paper for laser printers and we chose this one for this series.

Signature: All the photographs and digital illustrations in this series will come with the artist’s signature and some hand-written information, such as the location where the photograph was taken.

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Made in the USA.