PRINT – The Silent Majority is Back, Original Design, 16”x12”, 16 pt. Paper


Hang a powerful illustrated statement on your walls to reflect on it every day and feel resilient.

Description: The print portrays a medieval scene. A man and a woman holding weapons are firmly standing in front of us while other warriors are crowding behind them to back them up. They all seem to come forward and take initiation. President Trump’s tweet reads in beautiful letters “The Silent Majority is Back!!!”

Size: It is sized 16”x12”, including the white border.

About the paper: The work is printed digitally on 120 lb. smooth, 16 pt. white, uncoated paper, with short grain. The paper is alkaline and acid-free manufacturing for permanence. This is a highly clean-looking print with a Matte surface.

Additional formats: This design can also be purchased as a 9.25″x7.75″ mouse pad HERE.  

Signature: The artist’s signature comes on the bottom right corner of the front side. 

Designed by the team of AjarBooks. They are good at many things, and creating awesome artwork is one of them!

Made in the USA.