POSTER – Where We Go One We Go All, 17”x12”, Archival Paper, Signed by the Artist


Get our WWG1WGA poster to hang on your wall and remember every day how powerful it is to be united!

Description: This is a colored poster with an original design. It comes with the mark of AjarBooks on the front (as we normally do), and with a wet signature of the artist on the back. It depicts one man standing by stormy ocean waves, in front of a street with bending tree trunks, flashes of lightning, and an Apache helicopter flying among heavy grey clouds. The scene is colorful and dynamic.

Size: 17″x12″, with no white border.

About the paper: The poster is printed digitally, on archival paper, #100 glossy cover, and is sure to last for many years. It has a satin look, which is neither too glossy nor matte, but very pleasing. You can hang it as is or frame it.

Other designs: It can also be purchased as a print on 16”x12” matted paper (with a signature in front) HERE.

Designed by the team of Ajar Books. They are good at many things, and creating awesome artwork is one of them!

Made in the USA.