JOURNAL / PLANNER – American Patriot’s Planner & Journal, 7″x10″, 204 Pages, Beautifully Illustrated


  • ISBN: 978-1-7378236-2-9
  • Author/ Illustrator: Shoshana Brand
  • Language: English
  • Glossy color premium ink cover
  • Black ink and white paper inside
  • 7×10 inches, 204 pages
  • A weekly planner for 53 weeks
  • A monthly planner for your work and business, political life, friends and family, plans and dreams
  • A 2nd monthly planner for upcoming events
  • Write notes to self 
  • YOU decide on what dates you journal
  • Express your weekly reflections, gratitude, and prayers
  • Freely journal on beautifully designed pages
  • A positive environment that encourages you to be even more patriotic
  • Illustrated pages and quotes for a pleasing experience. Artwork by Shoshana Brand.
  • A year-round diary, good for any year, even a leap year.
    Start with any month of your choice.


Would you like to organize your day around themes of liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Would you like to expand and express your love for your country, the U.S.A, throughout the year? Then the American Patriot’s Planner & Journal is the right organizer for you.

Glossy cover, 7×10 inch beautifully designed year-round diary for anyone who considers himself an American patriot.

There are two monthly planners in this journal and a weekly organizer for 53 weeks. The journal encourages you to write down about yourself, reflect on your day on a weekly reflection wall, and express your prayers and gratitude. You will also find in this 204-page organizer inspiring sayings and a lot of space for lists, doodles, notes, and any other creative expression that you have in mind.

Not even one page is just blank or plain. Illustrated by Shoshana Brand, original illustrations are placed from cover to cover to make your writing experience pleasant, aesthetic, and thoughtful. The authors do not limit you by specific dates. Start whenever you wish, skip days or months, and organize your life the way you desire.

American Patriot’s Planner & Journal is a book in a series of unique and specific journals by artists who founded Ajar Books, a creative hub that focuses on journals with a personality.