JOURNAL / PLANNER – The Book of Lists, 7″x10″, 204 pages, Weekly Planner, Illustrated


  • ISBN: 978-0-9978213-3-8
  • Author/ Illustrator: Shoshana Brand
  • Language: English
  • Glossy color premium ink cover
  • Black ink and white paper inside
  • 7×10 inches, 204 pages
  • A weekly planner for 53 weeks
  • Lists for you to write down
  • Extra pages for more of your upcoming lists and for notes
  • Great for the whole family and many life occasions


Lists are entwined into our lives and everyone makes them daily. Now you don’t have to write your lists on random pieces of paper. Have them all in one organized book – The Book of Lists. This book is designed in a format of an artistic catalog, inviting you to list your favorite restaurants, movies, gifts, important passwords, email addresses – practically any topic you record every day. The book also includes a 53-week planner and illustrated pages for extra lists, notes, and other inventories. It’s a year-round journal and planner, good for any year, even a leap year. Start journaling in any month of your choice.

The Book of Lists is a book in a series of unique and specific journals by artists who founded Ajar Books, a creative hub that focuses on journals with a personality.