JOURNAL / PLANNER – Nature Planner & Journal, 7″x10″, 204 Pages, Weekly Planners, Prompts


  • ISBN: 978-0-9978213-9-0
  • Author/ Illustrator: Shoshana Brand
  • Language: English
  • Glossy color premium ink cover
  • Black ink and white paper inside
  • 7×10 inches, 204 pages
  • Prompts that encourage you to write postcards or explore your home place
  • Explore the world outside at night, with the perfect questions and page design to accompany your journey
  • Useful ready-made words to use when documenting nature
  • Ideas on how to observe, what to look for, and how to put it all on your page
  • A weekly planner
  • Illustrated pages for a pleasing experience.
  • A year-round diary, good for any year, even a leap year. Start with any month of your choice.


Nature Planner & Journal can change the way you observe and record your time in nature. It is a beautifully-designed diary with a great combination of sketch pages, line pages, prompts, and guides on how to observe and what to look for in the natural world. No page here is just plain or blank, as a lot of attention and artistic and botanical knowledge has been put into the design of this book. Nature Planner & Journal offers tools to beginners as well as lots of artwork and space to draw, write, and express your documentation of the environment. It is great for all ages, and it fits all travelers and hikers, biology students, herbalists, gardeners, mushroom hunters, bird watchers, and botanical garden observers. It’s also a great book for teachers or librarians who wish to encourage students to explore their natural environment, as there are guides and prompts suitable for everyone. On its aesthetic appeal and practical outlook, this book will organize your thoughts, uplift your awareness about nature, and connect you with your environment and Self. Wonder, be curious and enjoy nature. Nature is abundant and amazing and is there for you to explore and record.

Nature Planner & Journal is a book in a series of unique and specific journals by artists who founded Ajar Books, a creative hub that focuses on journals with a personality.