JOURNAL / PLANNER – Personal Prayer Journal, 7″x10″, 228 Pages, Scriptures, Prayer Wall


  • ISBN: 978-0-9978213-5-2
  • Author/ Illustrator: Shoshana Brand
  • Language: English
  • Glossy color premium ink cover
  • Black ink and white paper inside
  • 7×10 inches, 228 pages
  • Two monthly planners
  • 12 favorite scriptures for you to write down every month
  • Verses to ponder and write about
  • A prayer wall for all the days of the year


Personal Prayer Journal will help you deepen and strengthen your faith. With this journal, you will get into a sacred space within and feel inspired on a daily basis. Personal Prayer Journal brings you a planner of upcoming spiritual events, 12 pages to write your monthly favorite scriptures, a prayer wall for all the days of the year (even a leap year), and 12 pages with reflective verses and quotes to contemplate and write about every month. Beautiful inspirational illustrations, sayings, and short prayers are placed throughout the book. It’s a year-round planner, good for any year, even a leap year.
 Start journaling in any month of your choice.

Personal Prayer Journal is a book in a series of unique and specific journals by artists who founded Ajar Books, a creative hub that focuses on journals with a personality.