JOURNAL / PLANNER – Artist’s Planner & Journal, 7″x10″, 204 Pages, Daily & Monthly Planners, Beautifully Illustrated


  • ISBN: 978-0-9978213-7-6
  • Author/ Illustrator: Shoshana Brand
  • Language: English
  • Glossy color premium ink cover
  • Black ink and white paper inside
  • 7×10 inches, 228 pages
  • A daily Planner for any year
  • Two monthly planners for upcoming events and creative projects
  • Illustrations and encouraging sayings. Artwork by Shoshana Brand.
  • Pages to draw, doodle, and write. Comic layouts as well
  • Dotted/ bullet paper, comic layouts, lined pages
  • For artists of all disciplines


This book is far from being a plain journal. 
You can, however, imagine it as a blank canvas in order to spill your guts, doodles, drawings, projects ideas, joy and sorrow, and everything else you harbor in this creative head of yours. Addressing artists of all disciplines, the book contains a daily planner, two monthly organizers, various original illustrations, and dozens of beautifully designed pages that invite you to draw, compose and work on your comics. 
Artists of all disciplines will find this book very practical yet inspiring. 
It is a keeper for any creative person in any creative discipline. Artist’s Planner and Journal is a year-round planner, good for any year, even a leap year. Start journaling in any month of your choice.

Artist’s Planner and Journal is a book in a series of unique and specific journals by artists who founded Ajar Books, a creative hub that focuses on journals with a personality.